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Hidden Images Videos Hidden Images Videos
My photographs and videos contain the composite qualities that emerge from window reflections. I’m drawn to creating these seemingly layered images to convey how multiple levels of reality -- surface, social, conscious and subconscious -- co-exist. What I capture has no devised narrative, yet in the viewing meanings emerge. My inspiration is the aesthetic nature of these multiple layers and how they hide and/or reveal things as commuters pass the scene. Through these hidden images, my aim is to allow my viewers to experience the full yet transient nature of our daily lives.

Inklings II Inklings II
This photo-based series explores the boundary between reality and unseen reality, or according to modern physics, the virtual world.

Inklings Inklings
This series features abstract paintings that border on figurative. They are paintings on plexiglass or canvas and sometimes both. These works convey the intersection between material reality and the nonmaterial plane, which is otherwise known as virtual reality in modern physics.

The Dark Works The Dark Works
The works in this series won several grants including the Individual Artist Award from the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, the Irwin Scholarship from UCSC, as well as the Senate Scholarship Award and the Delegate Scholarship Award.

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