Theatre ResumeTheatre Resume
SELECTED PRODUCTIONS AND READINGS Tree Danglings , 10-minute play selected for the Source Theatre Festival, Washington, DC 2015 Oneness and The Game Show, two One-Minute Plays, Round House Theatre, Bethesda, MD 2015 The inTell Heart , Full Length Play, presented by The Hope Operas at The Comedy Spot, Ballston, VA 2014 Cosmetic Consciousness , One Act Play, presented by Fuse Productions at The Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival, Washington, DC 2014 The Hoodie and The Fight...
Tree Danglings - Production PhotosTree Danglings - Production Photos
10-minute play selected for the Source Theatre Festival. Directed by Joan Cummings, featuring Kendall Helblig and Matthew Sparacino. Photos by Daniel Corey.
Wrote and directed staged video piece featured as part of doris-mae gallery's performance series. Curated by Tom Drymon. Live actors: Misha Rjik, Nicole Gianuca, Cate Brewer, David Walsh and Samrawit Belai. Video actors: Jennifer Knight and Brit Herring. View the "Patterns" Production Video
The inTell Heart - Production PhotosThe inTell Heart - Production Photos
Written by Kristy Simmons Directed by Catherine Aselford Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Laura Schlachtmeyer Featuring: Terence Aselford, Pamela Leahigh, Justin McLachlan, Tony Greenberg, Karen Elle, Alexis Graves, &Kevin Peck (and various cameo actors, including Erick Swartz, pictured below.) Synopsis: Senator Vestible hires “rookie good ‘ol boy” Brit to control people via their electronic devices for an election win… but when Senator Foyer takes the lead —and devices everywhere go haywire —which of these hacks will control the ensuing chaos? View the full video for Episode 4 Created and performed as part of the 2014 Hope Operas. Learn more at .
H Street Housewives - Production PhotosH Street Housewives - Production Photos
Written by Jenny Splitter Directed by Kristy Simmons Featuring Dane Edidi, Molly Woods Murchie, Jessi Baden-Campbell, Peter J. Orvetti, Anika Harden and Kevin Peck Copyright Kristy Simmons.
Dire Wolves - Production PhotosDire Wolves - Production Photos
Directed a workshop performance of Kristen LePine's play "Dire Wolves" for Spooky Action Theater. Featuring Melissa Flaim, Noah Chiet, Ilona Williams, Graham Pilato, Peter Orvetti, and Katie Culligan.
Kafka on the Shore - Production PhotosKafka on the Shore - Production Photos
Assistant Director for production featuring Michael Wong, Al Twanmo, Dane Edidi, Steve Lee, Tuyet Thi Pham, Steve Beall, MiRan Powell, Julia Nakamoto, Sarah Tuarchini, Jennifer Knight, Wonsup Chung, and Jon Jon Johnson. Directed by Rebecca Holderness at Spooky Action Theatre. Copyright Kristy Simmons.
Reckless - Production PhotosReckless - Production Photos
Assistant Director for production featuring Mundy Spears, Jim Zidar, Hilary Kacser, Doug Krehbel, Gale Nemec, Tiffany Garfinkle and Camron Robertson. Directed by Richard Heinrich at Spooky Action Theatre. Copyright Kristy Simmons.

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