Visual Art Resume


    Tai Sophia Institute. Laurel, MD. M.A. 2009.
    University of California - Santa Cruz - B.A. 1994.
    Accademia di Belle Arti (The Venice Academy). Venice, ITALY. 1992 - 1993.

Solo Exhibitions  

    2013    Doris-Mae Gallery. "Patterns". Curated by Thomas Drymon. Video-Performance piece featuring five actors.
    2012    National Institutes of Health (NIH). "Inkings II." Curator: Lillian
                Fitzgerald.  Photo-based works on paper.
    2012    The Arts Club of Washington. "Inklings II." Curator: Mattie Schloetzer, Museum Specialist for The National Gallery of Art. Photo-based works on paper and paintings.
    2010    Himmelfarb Gallery. “Inklings”. Laurel, MD. Paintings.
    2009    Orchard Art Gallery. “Inklings”. Bethesda, MD. Paintings.
    2002    WPA/Corcoran Open Artist Studios. Bethesda, MD. Paintings and                      drawings.
    2001    Artspace Gallery. "Awakening Shadows". Richmond, VA. Paintings.
    2001    U.S. District Courthouse. "Awakening Shadows". Greenbelt, MD.                               Paintings & drawings.
    1996    Yellow Barn Gallery. “Evolving Visions”. Glen Echo, MD.
                Paintings & drawings.
    1994    The Hungry Slug. “Drawing Series”. Santa Cruz, CA.  Drawings.
    1994    UCSC Science Library. “The Male Nude”. Santa Cruz, CA. Drawings.
    1994    First Impressions. “Basement Paintings”. Silver Spring, MD. Paintings.
    1993    The Whole Earth. “Drawing Series”. Santa Cruz, CA. Drawings.    

Group Exhibitions - Museums and Galleries  

    2014   Brentwood Arts Exchange. "All-Screened Video Fest". Juror: JJ McCracken. Video.
    2013   Artisphere. “Photo/Video 2013”. Arlington, VA. Jurors: Frank Goodyear, Curator of Photographs, National Portrait Gallery, Kaitlin Booher, Assistant
               Curator of Photography and Media Arts, Corcoran Gallery of Art, & Alberto
               Gaitán, New Media Artist and Composer. Videos.
    2012   District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC). "Signals". Curated by Jim
               Mahoney. Inkjet print on paper.
    2012   (e)merge Art Fair. Washington, D.C. Inkjet print on paper in exhibition with
               the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA).
    2012   Bethesda Metro Tunnel. "Tunnel Vision". Public art project.
    2012   Source Theatre Festival. "Filter". Visual artist and co-writer for Multimedia
               visual, dance and music collaboration.
    2012   McLean Project for the Arts. "Activating the Void." Curated by Jim
               Mahoney, Washington Correspondent for Art in America. Work on paper.
    2011    American Center for Physics. "The Space Between." Curator: Sarah
               Tanguy. College
                Park, MD. Photo-based works on paper and paintings.
    2010    Hillyer Art Space. “Juried Members Show.” Juror: Patricia Goslee. Washington, D.C.
    2010    Strathmore Hall. “Annual Juried Members Show.” Juror: Harriet Lesser. Bethesda, 
                MD. Painting.
    2009    McLean Project for the Arts. “Strictly Painting.” Juror: Vivian Lassman. McLean, VA.
    2009    Spanish Ballroom. “Glen Echo Labor Day Show.” Glen Echo, MD. Paintings.
    2009    Z3 Gallery. “Doppleganger Group Show.” Annapolis, MD. Paintings.
    2008    Hemicycle Gallery, Corcoran Gallery of Art. “Art Anonymous”. Painting.
    2005    Toro Mata Gallery. “Art for Life”. Washington, D.C. Painting.
    2005    Fraser Gallery. “Annual Georgetown International Juried Competition”. Juror: Jack
               Rasmussen,  Curator at The Katzen Arts Center at American University.
               Washington, D.C. Painting.
    2005    OpenHouse Gallery. Curator: Deborah McLeod. Chestertown, MD. Paintings.
    2005    Gallery West. “8th National Juried Show”. Juror: Deborah McLeod. Alexandria, VA.
    2004    “Delhi IV”. Curator: Sushil Kalra. New Delhi, INDIA. Painting.
    2004    Maryland Arts Place. “Out of Order”. Baltimore, MD. Drawing.
    2004    Touchstone Gallery. ��������6th Annual All Media Exhibition”. Juror: Joe Shannon, Arts Correspondent for Art in America and former curator at The Hirshhorn Museum. Washington, D.C. Painting.
    2004    Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. “Sense of Place”. Boulder, CO. Painting.
    2004    Kyoritsu Women’s College – Tokyo. “Group 78”. Catalogue. Tokyo, JAPAN. Collage.
    2003    University of Regina, Fifth Parallel Gallery. “Fact and Fiction”. Regina,
                Saskatchewan, CANADA. Collage.
    2003    Maryland Arts Place. “Out of Order”. Baltimore, MD. Painting.
    2002    CREATE Arts Center. “Bethesda Arts Walk”. Bethesda, MD. Paintings.
    2001    Baltimore Museum of Art. "Winner's Circle". Baltimore, MD. Paintings.
    2001    Anthenaeum Gallery. "Contemporary Realism: A Survey of Washington Area 
                Artists". Curator: Lennox Campello. Alexandria, VA. Drawing.
    2001    Limner Gallery. "Summer Salon – 2001". New York, NY. Painting.
    2000    57 N Fine Arts. "Paintbrushsteel”. Washington, D.C. Paintings and drawings.
    2000    District of Columbia Arts Center. “1460 Wall Mountables”. Washington, D.C.
    2000    Del Ray Arts Center. "Fire in Art". Alexandria, VA. Paintings.
    1999    Mill River Gallery. “Reality Check”. Ellicott City, MD. Paintings.
    1999    Gallery 505. “7th Street International Exhibition”. Washington, D.C. Painting.
    1999    District of Columbia Arts Center. “1460 Wall Mountables”. Washington, D.C.
    1998    Maryland Institute College of Art, Decker Gallery. “Winners’ Circle 1998
                Exhibition”. Juror: Emily Rothschild, Artist. Baltimore, MD. Painting.
    1998    Greater Reston Arts Center. Juried Exhibition. Juror: J.W. Mahoney, Washington
               Correspondent for Art in America. Reston, VA. Paintings.
    1998    Touchstone Gallery. “Small Works Exhibition”. Juror: JoAnne Moser, Curator of
               Graphic Arts at The National Museum of American Art. Washington, D.C. Painting.
    1998    District of Columbia Arts Center. “1460 Wall Mountables”. Washington, D.C.
    1998    Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). “48-Hour Art Show”. Washington, D.C.
    1997    Peninsula Fine Arts Center. Juried Exhibition. Juror: Jack Cowart, Curator of
               Contemporary Art at The Corcoran Gallery. Catalogue. Newport News, VA.
    1997    ARTScene Gallery. “Exploration Into Self Portraiture”. Jurors: Jonathan Blum, Artist,
               and Nadine Gabai-Botero, Director of the WPA/Corcoran. Washington, D.C.
    1997    Greater Reston Arts Center. "Have A Seat”. Curated by Connie Slack and Laura 
               Edwards, Artists. Reston, VA. Drawings.
    1997    Foundry Gallery Juried Show: “From DC to NYC”. Juror: Claudia De Monte, Artist.
               Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    1997    District of Columbia Arts Center. “1460 Wall Mountables". Washington, D.C.
    1996    Yellow Barn Gallery. “2nd Annual Members Show”. Juror: Lee Newman, Artist. Glen
               Echo, MD. Drawings.
    1995    Strathmore Hall Arts Center. “Take Time Out For Children”. Rockville, MD. Clock
    1995    Riverside Gallery. Lewes, DE.  Paintings, drawings, & watercolors on exhibit from
    1995    Yellow Barn Gallery. “Annual Members Show”. Glen Echo, MD. Drawing.
    1995    Pajaro Valley Gallery. “UCSC Printers”. Watsonville, CA. Lithographs.
    1994    Smith Gallery. “NOVAS Juried Art Competition���������������������. Santa Cruz, CA. Painting.
    1994    Porter Faculty Gallery. “Irwin Scholarship Recipients”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.
    1993    Radio Cooperative Galeria. “La Nostra Mostra”. Montebelluna, ITALY. Paintings.
    1993    La Cattedrale Ex Macello. “Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa Mostra Collettiva LXXVIII"
               (Juried Show.) Padua, ITALY. Paintings.
    1993    Bridge Gallery.  “Student Art Movement”. Santa Cruz, CA. Drawings.
    1992    Smith Gallery. “NOVAS Juried Art Competition”. Santa Cruz, CA. Drawings.
    1991    Fellus Gallery.  Washington, D.C. Paintings on exhibit from 1989.
    1990    Towson State University. “Maryland Distinguished Scholars”. Towson, MD.
    1990    Gudelsky Gallery. “Maryland College of Art & Design Juried Show”. Juror: Clifford
               Chieffo. Silver Spring, MD. Paintings.
    1990    BAUhaus Gallery. "Censored/Censured”. Baltimore, MD. Painting.
    1990    Thesis Gallery. “Maryland Artists Equity Foundation Traveling Exhibition”.
                Baltimore, MD. Painting.
    1990    Mosely Gallery. “MAEF Traveling Exhibition”. Princess Anne, MD. Painting.
    1989    Corcoran Gallery of Art, Hemicycle Gallery. “Washington Scholastic Art Awards���.                       Washington, D.C. Paintings & drawings.
    1989    National Museum of Natural History, Rotunda Gallery. “Discover Graphics 
               Printmakers”. Washington, D.C. Etchings.
    1989    National Cathedral. “The Cathedral”. Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    1989    State Center of Illinois. “Scholastic National Art Competition”. Catalogue. Chicago,
               IL. Paintings & drawings.
    1989    Massachusetts State Transportation Building. “Scholastic National Art
                Competition”. Catalogue. Boston, MA. Paintings & drawings.
    1988    Strathmore Hall Arts Center. "Women’s Club Juried Exhibition”. Rockville, MD.

Group Exhibitions - Other Locations                                      

    2003    Los Arrieros Restaurant. “Silver Spring Art Walk”. Silver Spring, MD. Painting.
    2003    Mayorga Café. “Silver Spring Art Walk”. Silver Spring, MD. Paintings.
    2003    Calzature. “Silver Spring Art Walk”. Silver Spring, MD. Drawing.
    2003    Los Arrieros Restaurant. “Silver Spring Art Walk". Silver Spring, MD. Paintings and
    2003    Mayorga Café. "Gateway Georgia Avenue Revitalization Corporation Benefit
               Auction”. Silver Spring, MD. Drawing and painting.
    2003    Hunt Valley Office Building. “Awakening Shadows”. Hunt Valley, MD. Paintings and
    2002    The Four Seasons Hotel. “Foundation Schools Benefit Gala”. Washington,
                D.C. Painting.
    2002    Cipriani 42nd Street. “Rainforest Alliance Benefit Gala”. New York, NY. Painting.
    2000    Art-O-Matic. "Art-O-Matic". Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    2000    Spanish Ballroom. “Glen Echo Labor Day Show”. Glen Echo, MD. Paintings.
               (Participation, 1989 - 2000).
    1996    Joe’s Movement Emporium. “Artists of Note”. Mt. Rainier, MD. Paintings.
    1995    Cafe La Ruche. “Sources of Strength Continues”. Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    1995    La Colline. “Sources of Strength Continues”. Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    1995    Cafe Luna. “Sources of Strength Continues”. Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    1994    UCSC Student Center. “Student Art Movement”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.
    1994    Baskin Studio. “Senior Show”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.    
    1993    Cowell College. “Recent Works��. Santa Cruz, CA. Drawings.    
    1992    UCSC Student Center. “Artists' Union Winter Show”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.
    1992    Artists’ Union Show. “Art at VIII”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.
    1992    Artists’ Union Outdoor Show. “Third Annual Art Off The Hill”. Santa Cruz, CA.
    1992    Sluggo's Cafe. “Recent Works". Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings & drawings.
    1991    “Waterfront D.C. Arts Festival”. Washington, D.C. Paintings.
    1991    Artist’s Union Outdoor Show. ���Art Off the Hill, II”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.
    1990    College VIII. “Recent Works”. Santa Cruz, CA. Paintings.

Selected Awards and Honors                                         

    2012   Tunnel Vision: Art Under the Avenue Initiative wins the 2012 Downtown Merit Award from the International Downtown Association.
    2012    Bethesda Metro Tunnel. $500 grant for public artwork.
    2012    Source Theatre Festival. $250 grant to pursue multimedia collaboration.
    2011    American Center for Physics. $250 grant for art exhibition.
    2005    Senatorial Grant. To pursue graduate study. $1,000.00.
    2005    Delegetorial Grant. To pursue graduate study. $1,000.00.
    2004    Honorable Mention. Touchstone Gallery. Juror: Joe Shannon, Arts Correspondent
               for Arts in America and former curator at The Hirshhorn Museum.    
    2000    Individual Artist Award. $1,500 Grant. Arts and Humanities Council of 
                Montgomery County.
    1994    Dean's Undergraduate Award for excellence in the arts.
    1994    Chancellor's Undergraduate Award for excellence in the arts.
    1994    Irwin Scholarship Award. $2,500 for Artistic Merit.
    1992    NOVAS Juried Art Competition. Second Place.
    1990    National Scholastic Art Awards. Portfolio Award.
    1990    Washington Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Portfolio Award.
    1990    National Arts Recognition & Talent Search. Honorable Mention.
    1990    Pratt National Talent Search. Semi-finalist.
    1990    Cleveland Institute of Art. $38,000 Scholarship Award.
    1990    Maryland Distinguished Scholar. $12,000 scholarship.
    1990    Maryland Artist Equity Foundation Competition. Finalist.
    1990    Maryland College of Art & Design Competition. Honorable Mention.
    1989    Smithsonian Institution's Discover Graphics Program. Selected to learn
                printmaking concepts with Washington D.C. Master Printer Scip Barnhart.    
    1989    National Scholastic Art Award. Finalist.
    1989    Washington Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Gold Key Recipient & Honorable
    1989    State of Maryland Federation of Women's Club Competition. Second Place.
    1989    Montgomery County Women's Club Competition. Second Place.
    1988    Montgomery County Women’s Club Competition. Honorable Mention.

Selected Bibliography  

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Professional Affiliations  

Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) – Member
National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts. Alumni.
Maryland Artist Equity Foundation Competition. Alumni.

Public Collections                                            

Mother Mary's Mountain Retreat Center. Mural painting.


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